Recipe Foie Gras Crémeux

Recipe: Foie Gras Crémeux

Recipe Foie Gras Crémeux


4 g TEXTURATM Tempo Ready

80 g foie gras

120 g whipping cream (35% fat), refrigerated

100 g whipping cream (35% fat), warm

3 g salt

1.5 g black pepper

  1. Heat the whipping cream up to 40°C in the microwave for about 30 seconds at 750 W.

  2. Once it is heated, add TEXTURATM Tempo Ready little by little and stir it until it is fully dissolved.

  3. Add the foie gras at room temperature to the mixture and beat it well. If the mass is too solid, heat it up a little bit.

  4. Add salt and black pepper.

  5. Whip the refrigerated cream until soft peaks form.

  6. Add the refrigerated cream to the mixture and gently fold everything together with a rubber spatula.

  7. Pour the mass into a piping bag.

If you would like to prepare the same recipe for silicone molds or an Espuma bottle; heat the whipping cream up to 60-70°C. Add refrigerated cream to the mixture without beating it up. The method and the order of the ingredients remain the same. The mass will be smooth and in fluid form. Fill it in silicone molds or an Espuma bottle with 2 gas cartridges.


Plating suggestions

  1. Fill the dessert glass with speculoos crumbles.

  2. Add the same amount of the foie gras crémeux.

  3. Add the mango caviar on top and distribute it evenly.

  4. Finish with some dried parsley.


Advantages of using TEXTURATM  Tempo Ready in Foie Gras Crémeux:

  • Reduces preparation & setting time. 

  • Easy dosage of gelatin in the recipe.

  • No pre-heating is required to dissolve TEXTURATM Tempo Ready.

  • Maintains shape and texture over long periods of time. 

  • Helps to create a smooth and fluid texture.

  • No pre-hydration is needed. Therefore, the texture is more stable and able to remain intact over time, which makes it a great option for creating visually appealing dishes.