Header gin and tonic jelly

Recipe: jellied gin and tonic

Gin and tonic jelly 2


2.50g TEXTURATM Tempo Ready

50g tonic water

25g gin

1g baking soda

1g powdered sugar

1g citric acid



1. Pour the gin and tonic in a bowl at room temperature and stir with a hand whisk.

2. Add TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready while stirring gently until dissolved.

3. Pour into a shallow baking pan, wrap it in plastic and refrigerate for two hours.


4. Mix the baking soda, powdered sugar and citric acid.

5. Cut the jelly in 1.50cm cubes.

6. Place the cube on a lime slice and sprinkle on the soda, sugar and acid mixture.

Gin and tonic jelly

Advantages of TEXTURATM Tempo Ready in jelly

  • Quickest setting time in the market (compared to gelatin)! There is no need to heat the mixture, so the gel setting is fast. 

  • TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready allows to retain the original flavor, as no heating is involved. 

  • Easy to scale up.