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Recipe: tropical fruit jelly


Passion fruit jelly

5g TEXTURATM Tempo Ready 

105g passion fruit puree 

Plum gel

13g TEXTURATM Tempo Ready 

250g plum fruit puree 


  1. Blend the puree with TEXTURATM Tempo Ready. Use a whisk. 
    - Stir for 2 minutes to ensure a homogeneous mix. 
    - Use ready-made/canned puree (e.g. Ponthier or Capfruit). Do not use fresh fruit puree, as it contains proteolytic enzymes that will destroy the gelatin. See our user manual page 12.
  2. Stir gently until dissolved. 
  3. Set in the fridge for 60 minutes depending on the size.
  4. Only for plum gel: mix with a hand blender to obtain a smooth gel. 
Jelly tropical fruits

Plating suggestions

  1. Put the cake with plum on the plate. 
  2. Add the toasted chocolate. 
  3. Add the plum gel. 
  4. Add the 10 dices of jelly from passion fruit. 
  5. Add the caramel crisps. 

Advantages of TEXTURATM Tempo Ready in jelly

  • Time saving, as all you have to do is weigh and mix the ingredients.  

  • Quickest setting time in the market (compared to gelatin)! There is no need to heat the mixture, so the gel setting is fast. 

  • TEXTURATM  Tempo Ready allows to retain the original flavor, as no heating is involved. 

  • Easy to scale up

  • No added sugar